Tuesday, 12 January 2016

bala bharathi kitchen design

BalaBharathi Pvc Interior & Wood Carving

Our Interior Designer will visit your home to discuss your thoughts and get back to you with the plan, furnishing samples and quotation. Once you are satisfied, we will take measurement and install your project within the stipulated time. You will watch your dream home getting designed in front of you..
We are indeed privileged to introduce you to the India’s kitchen premier home furnishing company at your doorstep. Our motto is to fulfill your desire within your budget. We have been designing beautiful homes and offices since 2008. So far we have extended our quality service to more than 500 customers, based on their needs. Our Team are well trained and experienced in furnishing well interior designs and decorations..

Outstanding features of our PVC products

• High Structural Reliability with 20 years warranty
• Stable and Durable
• Easy Assembling and Disassembling
• Colorful long-lasting interiors
• Less Weight
• Even Finishing
• Space Saving and speedy finish
• Congruent Designs
• Simple and Easy to Install
• Damp Resistant
• Fire Proof
• Termite Resistant
• Maintenance Free
• Wastage Free

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  1. Our expertise and craftsmanship is well fame and we have an extensive variety of involvement in taking care of the necessities of customers all things considered, either from office or to home. By always procuring the notoriety from our clients we are today viewed as the modular kitchen accessories in coimbatore